Who is the Mad Duck?

'Mad Duck' is the alter ego of self-proclaimed author, poet & cranky old guy: Trevor Schenk

In a moment of madness I have registered a website! I wanted to create a fun environment that allows for some fun and a little bit of cheeky but also serious writings, personal viewpoint, life experience and other stuff in between.  


This is a somewhat strange mix of work but let’s just see how it goes.  It is my hope this site will bring you an occasional smile, a wry chuckle, or you might experience the flow of tears, maybe even emotions of anger or sadness.


Mad Duck


There was a mad duck called ‘Mad Duck’

He works for my son Dave and me

We aren’t really sure but at least aged fifty years or more

Though I didn’t think ducks could live that long


He comes and he goes’ where? Nobody knows

Goes off into the sunset to do his-own thing

Then he turns up again and with us spends some time

This mad duck and family we know


Mad Duck, seemed a good friend and someone to trust

When he stays over we give him some work

Mad Duck is amazing you know 

Get’s great sales and the profits do grow

But he just doesn’t believe the customer’s always right


When a customer’s not happy and getting a little irate

Mad Duck is quite likely to raise his voice to the ceiling

And shout out very loud for all who are present to hear

“Bite your tongue ya mug, get out of my shop!”


Next time the customer comes in, 

Well, yes you are right, more than likely never to return

Unless there is no other shop selling what they need

In an effort to make amends to our now very unhappy 

Customer and friend, maybe we could offer free of cost: 

A ‘Mad Duck’ Premium Car Wash 

Ah yes, again you are so right, maybe not!


When it came to the time my son David and I 

When setting up a new business we weren’t sure of a name 

But after much thinking we thought ‘Mad Duck’ could be fun

So with Mad Duck’s permission we set it all up

There was only one condition set by Mad Duck 

He wanted to be, a director in this new business with David and me 


Well now we are resigned to hear a little more often 

When Mad Duck thinks the customer unreasonable 

The loud voice of Mad Duck occasionally rings out 

“Bite your tongue ya mug, get out of our shop!”