You Think!?

“The COVID 19 Pandemic and the devastating number of deaths in the world of aged care is the worst crisis aged care services in Australia has faced in the last 40 years.”


These words of a Labor spokesperson on matters of aged care and services, speaking on the evening news, were the primary point made in their effort to take the discussion down the pathway of: everything that is wrong is Prime Minister’s fault.

As for aged care, it has not been good for many people who are deemed old, or oldish like me at 72 years. Government-funded aged services have consistently deteriorated over at least the last forty years. This has been thanks to all parties.

It would be much more accurate to say that we have known there were serious problems with our aged care services for a very long time. We do need a serious review that will have the ability to bring a real freshness to our services. And the problem is with both Liberals/Nationals, Labor, and let’s throw in a few of the minor parties and even some independents.

The thing missing here is a workable plan that needs to be developed urgently. But it needs to be a very good plan.

Guys, you are wasting our time when you just keep on with the muck throwing. We the people might as well just keep the current government in place because the differences are not significant enough to consider.

Don’t tell me “we are going through most likely the worst crisis in aged care services in Australia in the last 40 years”. I think we know that. Tell us how you are helping ensure our precious oldies are being looked out for now and, show us a planning framework that is very different and fully funded. Do your job!

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